What is the Boating Network

The Rudders & Moorings Boating Network is a joining of forces between Rudders & Moorings Yacht Sales and other companies in the yacht brokerage business that are perfectly happy running a small, family oriented Yacht Brokerage, typically a small family business where everybody knows your name.


There are dozens and dozens of such companies across the country that are being driven out of Yacht Brokerage due to the cost of advertising a handful of friends, family, and local boats. By providing a vehicle that allows these small brokerages access to the Rudders & Moorings Network of advertising and social media sites, these smaller brokerages can continue to provide their loyal customers with a service that they have all enjoyed for many years. In fact they now get more exposure than before and can provide an improved level of service.


If you, or anyone you know, is in the typical catch-22 of not having enough boats to justify advertising on the big sites, and so can’t (don’t want to) grow large enough to make it worth while to do so, contact us and see if becoming a member of the Rudders & Moorings Boating Network makes sense too.


Small Yards




Call us at 1-855-AHOYMATE and ask for Larry, Rob or John.